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Aireloom: Providing a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

aireloom mattressesFor over 75 years, Aireloom has produced some of the most luxurious sleep furnishings for the discerning buyer. These hand crafted products are developed from the highest grade materials, all utilized for the manufacturer’s sole intent: getting every customer the best night of sleep imaginable.

Why Aireloom

Aireloom is the rare producer that still has a human hand making direct contact with their product. The company is staffed with experienced artisans who hand stitch and construct every cut and layer. This allows Aireloom to set an unparalleled level of luxury. Materials are selected for comfort, durability and flexibility. Each mattress is multi-layered, promising superior relaxation and support. The company calls their approach “California Design” because their engineering is inspired by the relaxed and leisure lifestyle the state is known for.

Superior Craftsmanship

Every Aireloom mattress is hand woven to minimize sagging, lumping and material shifting. The pocketed coil system creates a contour that naturally conforms to the body. This is greatly appreciated by partners as tossing, turning and getting out of bed won’t disturb either sleeper. The open cell design of an Aireloom mattress draws heat away from the body, allowing a cool night’s rest. Every product features foam layers specially designed to relieve pressure on the back and stomach, depending on your preferred sleeping position. These mattresses feature high quality materials like wool, silk and Talalay latex. Aireloom offers a spring and chamber system which allows complete synchronization with the body. It’s a feature that lets the mattress react and adapt to movement.

Why We Love Aireloom

Wildcat Mattress thinks Aireloom has earned its reputation for sophistication and luxury. They have long been a preferred brand for slumber and comfort, sought after by Hollywood elite and U.S. presidents. Give us a call and let’s talk about what elements of a mattress you think would provide the perfect night’s sleep. We’re sure a member of Aireloom’s line of mattresses will fit your needs.

At Wildcat Mattress, we strive to deliver the highest standards in sleep furnishings and accessories. Partnering with Aireloom aligns with that goal, allowing us to provide true body fits, exceptional support, pain relieving comfort, motion transfer resistance and more. Come to our Nicholasville, Kentucky showroom today, lay down on one of our Aireloom models in stock and see what makes Aireloom so popular among its dedicated fans.