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Best Mattress for a Dorm Room

dormitory bunk bed

Most parents create a college check list of must-have purchases before their child ships off to a school of higher education. Towels and a laundry basket are often on the top of the shopping list, along with coffee makers, sheets and bedding accessories. Dorm rooms typically come equipped with desks, a lamp and some basic furniture, along with a bed. Some mattresses sit atop a raised wooden platform, while others are arranged as bunk beds.

While it’s true that you don’t NEED to buy your student a new mattress when they head off to college, take a minute and consider the quality and questionable age of something your child will be spending ample amounts of time on.  After all, university and college students need to be in top form during these formative learning years, when memory and mental processing skills can be seriously affected by poor sleep. An old, worn-out mattress can lead to back aches, joint pains and chronic sleep deprivation, none of which are conducive for earning decent grades.

Dorm bed considerations

Aesthetic flaws like stains, rips or frayed edges are the least of a college student’s concerns when it comes to their dorm bed. Over the years, these mattresses see extraordinary wear and tear as they are used as a platform for eating, studying, watching TV, hanging with friends and sleeping. As a result, the support system can begin to fail due to sagging springs and compressed foam.

Another important consideration is allergies. If your college-bound child has asthma or skin sensitivities to chemicals, pet dander or dust mites, a new mattress should be a priority. Old dorm beds are brimming with millions of dead skin cells, not to mention dust mites, mildew and other microbial hazards.

The importance of sleep quality cannot be overstated, and having enough room to slumber is a crucial part of the equation. If your teen is taller than average, consider upgrading to an extra-long or XL twin mattress, which is five inches longer.

The best mattress for a dorm room is one that can be pre-ordered and shipped just in time for the new semester. If you are already confused about mattress shopping, it’s best to get professional assistance from a specialty store that can explain the difference between a natural rubber latex and memory foam options.

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