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Best Mattress for Couples

Published: November 15, 2020

Choosing the best mattress for a couple is a bit more complex than shopping for just yourself, but here at Wildcat Mattress we’re up to the challenge. We offer step-by-step, customized guidance to help couples get their best night’s sleep.

Of course, there’s no one mattress that is best for everyone, but we’ll listen to your concerns and preferences to develop a set of recommendations for you to consider. The ultimate deciding factor will be your test-driving experience. We recommend that both partners shop for a mattress together to
help narrow down your top choices.

Best beds for couples

Every couple will have unique preferences and concerns when it comes to mattress comfort, but in general, there are some factors that couples should consider when making a decision.

Motion transfer refers to the way in which a mattress transfers movement from one side of the bed to the other. It’s a key consideration when choosing the best mattress for couples, since one person moving around during the night can easily wake up the other on a mattress with a high degree of motion transfer.

Size is another important consideration. A bed that is too small to comfortably accommodate two people can make it difficult to sleep comfortably through the night. A queen size is recommended, but a king size will provide ample room for taller individuals.

Best mattress for couples with different weights

In general, moderate to very firm mattresses are recommended for heavy sleepers. This helps ensure that the mattress will maintain its integrity and comfort for a long time. But what should a couple do when one partner is significantly heavier than the other? The answer could be an adjustable mattress, which allows different firmness levels on each half of the bed.

Perhaps a simpler solution might be to select two twin-size mattresses and place them in a single bed frame. This way, the lighter partner can choose a plush pillow top, if desired, while the other partner can select a firm innerspring.

Best mattress for heavy couples

One factor for heavy couples to consider is the thickness of the mattress. In general, the heavier a sleeper is, the thicker the mattress should be for durability. The bottom or support section of the mattress should be a minimum of six inches thick.

Firmness level is also important, with heavier sleepers reporting higher satisfaction rates with medium to very firm mattresses. If you select a mattress that isn’t quite as thick, then it’s particularly important to choose a firm mattress.

Best mattress for a restless partner

Does your partner have restless leg syndrome or another condition that triggers frequent nighttime movement? Consider choosing a latex or memory foam mattress. These models transfer very little, if any, motion when a partner moves around. It might also be time to consider investing in a model that is a size or two larger than the one you currently have.

What to do when you disagree on the best mattress

Disagreements often arise from a breakdown in communication. Before shopping for a new mattress, couples can have a discussion about the reasons why they are dissatisfied with their current mattress.

It’s important for each partner to honestly explain issues such as:

  • Firmness preferences
  • Sleeping styles
  • Allergies
  • Back pain, breathing problems, and other medical concerns

Once you’re on the same page as your partner, both of you should put on some comfortable clothes and stop by a mattress showroom. Plan on spending a few hours test-driving various models and mattress brands. Try out the mattress at the same time as your partner; this allows you to check for factors such as motion isolation and whether the bed is a comfortable size. Take your time before making a decision.

Shop the best mattresses for couples at Wildcat

Pillow tops, gel-infused, latex, memory foam, and classic innersprings. At Wildcat Mattress, you’ll find them all in every size. We carry innovative models from Simmons, Aireloom, Restonic, and other top brands. When you visit our Lexington area showroom, we’ll explain the advantages and drawbacks of each model and give you all the time you need to make your decision.

For unbeatable pricing on a wide selection of premium beds, we invite you to experience the Wildcat difference.

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