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Best Mattress For Poor Circulation

Published: December 15, 2020

Millions of Americans suffer the ill effects of poor circulation, though many people may not realize that they’re not getting sufficient oxygen and nutrients circulated through the blood in their arteries and veins. Atherosclerosis is the most common cause, which can be brought on by smoking, diabetes, and/or genetics. Obesity, diet and sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses also impact circulation.

Poor circulation when sleeping? It could be your mattress

You may be experiencing poor circulation related to your mattress if you also experience:

  • “Charley horse” calf cramps
  • Foot cramps and numbness
  • Toe tingling
  • Frequent waking

Symptoms of poor circulation include:

  • Intermittent lower extremity muscle pain while exercising or walking that improves with rest
  • Extreme, chronic fatigue or lethargy
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities
  • Achy, heavy feeling legs
  • Shooting pains
  • Poor or declining memory
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Dizzy spells

Poor circulation is often at the heart of pain that leaves people tossing and turning. When you rouse to change sleep position, your sleep cycle gets reset, which can leave you feeling fatigued and groggy, even if you’ve clocked your recommended seven hours of sleep.

Can a bad mattress cause poor circulation? 

It’s unlikely that your mattress is the sole cause of poor circulation, but it could be a contributing factor. When a poor mattress and uncomfortable pillows fail to provide adequate support for your neck, shoulders and back, pressure can be increased on the veins and nerves, affecting circulation and causing pain or numbness.

Shop best mattresses for poor circulation at Wildcat

While there is no scientific consensus on the best mattress for poor circulation, doctors have been recommending hospital-style adjustable beds for years. These beds enable elevation for legs or the upper body, which benefits conditions like hypertension, ulcers, congestive heart failure, acid reflux, edema, asthma, and poor circulation.

With the push of a button, different sections of the bed can be elevated and adjusted to meet your comfort preferences and needs.  Many brands offer split king and split queen bases, which allow you to control each half independently to meet the differing needs of people who share a bed.

The “zero gravity” position — with the head slightly raised and the feet elevated above the heart – is a common pre-set on adjustable beds that is particularly recommended for improving circulation. Jeffrey K. Bergin, DC, dean at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, says that the “bells and whistles” features of adjustable beds like heat and massage “do change circulation.”

“Optimized blood flow is a crucial element of a restful night sleep that is rarely considered,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. He adds: “You want to find a mattress that creates unrestricted blood flow through proper support and pressure relief. Memory foam is one of the best options to ensure this.”

Wildcat Mattress sells a number of mattresses that can be used on adjustable beds. We have memory foam and foam latex mattresses by industry leaders like Simmons, Aireloom, and Restonic, to name a few. These mattresses come in varying levels of support and comfort, ranging from ultra-soft to ultra-firm.

With most manufacturers offering full 5-year warranties and 20-year limited coverage warranties, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Furthermore, independent review sites report that 93% of adjustable bed customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Stop by our Kentucky mattress store for more individual attention and better savings on a mattress that will truly revolutionize your health!

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