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Memory Foam or Latex: Which Is Right for You?

Mattress technology has come a long way in recent decades and consumers have more choices than ever before. Unfortunately, this means it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision when it’s time to replace your old mattress. The purchase of a new mattress boils down to personal preference, health issues, and of course, test-driving […]

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Why You Should Skip The Coffee And Buy A New Mattress Instead

Can a few cups of coffee keep you going if you’ve been deprived of sleep? Perhaps, but not if you habitually miss catching your “zzz’s.” A new study found that coffee does more harm than good for people who are short of sleep. Dr. Tracy Jill Doty, researcher at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, said she was surprised that just three nights of sleep restriction were enough to offset the alertness advantage of two 200 mg doses of caffeine.

Study shows coffee won’t help you if you miss a lot of sleep For the double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 48 study participants performed a number of cognitive tasks hourly while awake and took a Maintenance of Wakefulness Test six times per day. Sleep was limited to five hours a night for five days. Individuals were given […]

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Sleeping Cool During the Hot Summer Months

Are you frustrated with waking up soaked in sweat? Do you toss and turn all night, flinging blankets off yourself? The problem might not be the temperature of your room. Instead, consider whether your old mattress and linens could be the culprit for your poor sleep. Many people “sleep hotter” than others do and can benefit […]

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Shop Green, Shop Healthy.

If you are into healthy living or making “green” choices, you should truly consider a Natural Latex mattress. Natural Latex is a renewable source- coming from the sap of the Hevea Tree.

This special tree, also referred to as a “rubber tree” can be found in abundance throughout South America. When sliced open, the tree uses the Latex Rubber as a Natural healing mechanism. If the tree is “tapped”, Natural Latex will flow out of the tree until it has released all the Latex it has stored […]

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How Mattress Protection Has Changed

One of the least thought of aspects with regards to purchasing a new mattress is protecting your investment. In recent years, mattress “pads” were used over top of the mattress in an attempt to give each sleeper a more comfortable sleeping surface.

The actual side benefit to a mattress “pad” was that it put another cloth barrier between yourself and the mattress- which is the overall goal of protecting your mattress. As times have changed, so has the name and technology for mattress protection. Nowadays, we refer to mattress “pads” as covers, or simply protectors. Instead of […]

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