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Hip Pain Prevents Quality Sleep

Published: December 4, 2020

Hip pain sufferers, especially those who sleep on their sides, will benefit from a quality mattress that conforms to the natural curves of the body. Find out which types of mattresses can help provide relief.

MayoClinic says hip pain interfering with quality sleep is common. Though age can play a part, the truth is that hip pain is not something that only happens to the elderly.

Regardless of the circumstances, sleeping with hip pain is frustrating.

Hip pain is usually associated with inflammation of the hip joint, or hip bursitis. The pain can be mild or searing. It can gradually dissipate or stay throughout the day. Sufferers have been unable to get a good night’s rest because of hip pain. This is a widespread complaint among side sleepers.


The bursa is a sac between soft tissue and the hip bone. Filled with fluid, if it is damaged, pain in the hip will spread. This is a consistent pain that can worsen while standing or sitting for prolonged periods, or during the night when resting on the problem side.


The sciatic nerve travels down the spine into the back of your legs. It can contribute to hip pain, especially at night. While sciatic is more of a spine issue, sciatic and pelvic injuries can lead to hip pain.


If hip joint tendons become irritated, inflamed or damaged, it can result in tendonitis. These symptoms can escalate as we age and muscles lose durability. Tendonitis is also common among the physically active or individuals who start working out and end up straining muscles. Sleeping and resting on the hip can aggravate the condition.


Arthritis is one of the most common causes of hip pain with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis topping the list. Pain can stay throughout the day while inactive activity like sleeping will agitate symptoms.

Ways to manage hip pain

Treatment of hip joint pain can go in many directions. Home remedies include RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Clinicians and physical therapists may develop a personalized exercise or stretching regimen to reinforce range of motion. Medications and steroids may be deployed to alleviate pain. In some cases, surgery might be necessary.

Hip pain sufferers, especially those who sleep on their sides, will benefit from a quality mattress that conforms to the natural curves of the body. Many people find relief with a latex mattress or those constructed with a pressure-relieving memory foam.

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