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Isolus Toppers

Foam mattress toppers add comfort and support at an affordable price. Choose the level of comfort and support that speaks to your personal preference. Isolus toppers come in:

  • 2.5” Latex Foam: Made from superior Dunlop latex, this natural material adds superior comfort and pressure relief. In addition to superior ventilation technology, you can sleep easy knowing each topper is made with no fillers, glue seams, laminations, or impurities. The protective cover is made from super-soft rayon and bamboo.
  • 2.5” Liquid Gel Foam: The ultimate in supportive consistency for shoulders and hips, this cushy 2.5-inch thick premium memory foam topper features advanced heat distribution technology for the coolest night’s sleep.

All toppers are Certified CertiPur, meaning that they are independently verified to meet safety criteria for materials, performance, emissions and environmental stewardship. The 3-year product warranty assures customers that the topper is free from manufacturer’s defects.

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Why buy Isolus mattress toppers?

Customers choose Isolus mattress toppers as an affordable alternative to buying a new mattress. These products are the perfect way to revive your old mattress while giving yourself all the advantages of body-conforming comfort.

Young shoppers love the affordable comfort as well – it’s perfect for dorms and apartments.

Some shoppers add the mattress toppers to their futons to enhance comfort for guests, without breaking the bank. Isolus foam mattress toppers are ideal for making camper, cabin and hospital beds more comfortable.

People who have purchased older, hotter mattresses can take advantage of new cooling technology. Gel memory foam, for instance, stays nice and cool even in the summertime.  Stop by Wildcat Mattress and try one for yourself!

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