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Z® Pillows

Have you spent hours researching the perfect pillow? You’re not alone! Z Pillows by Malouf offer customizable comfort and a dreamier night’s sleep. All Z Pillows offer zoned support, temperature-regulating and head-conforming materials, plus double-sided comfort. With over 200 options, including nursing pillows and body pillows, there truly is a Z Pillow for everyone.

Z Pillows come in:

  • Low (4.5”), Medium (6”) and High (7”) lofts
  • Plush or Firm
  • Standard, Nursing, Body, Contour and Wedge styles

Choose from materials like:

  • Dough Memory Foam – for soft, conforming pressure relief
  • Gel Dough Memory Foam – for supportive, comfortable, cooler pressure relief
  • Gel Microfiber – for classic comfort with consistent fill

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Benefits of a Z Pillow

Looking for the perfect pillow height? Look no further! The High loft, for example, keeps your head elevated at ‘normal’ pillow height with a soft give, so that your head sinks about a quarter of the way into the pillow.

Many people buy Z pillows in their quest for a “cooler” memory foam pillow or foam latex pillow. They report no longer having to flip over the pillow to get the “cool side.” Others switch to Z Pillows from Tempur-Pedic because of the superior durability. These pillows are not heavy, breathe very well and will last a long time.

Many neck and back pain sufferers find relief with Z Pillows.  The zoned support works by providing all the right support in all the right locations. After buying a Z Pillow, my back pain sufferers say they will never go back to sleeping on traditional pillows ever again.

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