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Take your mattress to the next level of comfort with an adjustable power base from Mantua. Enjoy virtually unlimited upper and lower body position adjustments for a better night’s sleep. Mantua Rize adjustable frames put personalized comfort at your fingertips, allowing you to elevate your head and/or legs for the ultimate in customized support. One of the main health benefits of a Mantua moveable sleep system is that it provides ergonomic positioning for proper spinal alignment throughout the night.

Mantua power foundations can help alleviate troubling symptoms associated with acid reflux, poor circulation, snoring, arthritis, swollen legs and chronic back pain. Elevate your neck, head, legs or feet just the right amount to sleep more comfortably and soundly at night. Discover your perfect “comfort zone” for reading, working on your laptop, or watching TV with various position adjustment options.

For the best selection of Mantua power base beds in Nicholasville and Lexington, Kentucky, shop Wildcat Mattress.

Mantua adjustable power base features

With an adjustable power base from this award-winning manufacturer, you can stop pillow-propping and start enjoying a solid night’s slumber. The Mantua power foundation is compatible with a wide range of mattresses, allowing most customers to use their existing latex, innerspring coil or memory foam bed.

Wildcat Mattress is pleased to offer this premier name in adjustable beds that repeatedly garners glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Our inventory includes the entire Mantua Rize adjustable bed series, including The Elevation, The Relaxer, The Contemporary and The Avante.

Mantua Rize features include:

  • Multiple position adjustments for upper & lower body
  • Convenient one-touch features
  • Remote control operated (either hard-wired or wireless)
  • Back up battery system
  • Steel leg balanced stability and support
  • “Gravity-release” safety features
  • UL & ETL certified & approved
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty

Some models also boast deluxe touches such as dual body massage to relieve muscle tension and aches, “Zero-Gravity” settings, and subtle under-bed lighting with energy saving LED fixtures. Mantua Rize beds are available in all standard sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen and Split California King.

Enjoy customized comfort on a Rize adjustable bed

Boasting revolutionary technology, Rize adjustable beds are some the industry’s top sellers for good reason. They are consistently rated highly for performance and function, drawing a loyal fan base across all age groups. Even young couples are choosing Mantua adjustable power foundations based on their sleek design and therapeutic benefits. Powerful but whisper-quiet DC motors provide motion and all beds have been factory tested to accommodate over 700 pounds.

The Rize Contemporary boasts one of the largest elevation ranges in the industry. With the quick touch of a remote control, you can incline to the perfect upright position for laptop work or catching your favorite show on TV. Their innovative “full lounge feature” is unique among adjustable beds, as it takes pressure off your legs and lower back, offering the same relaxing feel you’d get in a recliner.

Shop Mantua Rize foundations at Wildcat Mattress

Browse an expansive selection of Mantua Rize adjustable beds at the locally owned and operated Wildcat Mattress, and take advantage of our competitive prices and in-store deals!  Remember, you can pair your new power foundation with your favorite mattress for the best night’s sleep ever.

Swing by our Nicholasville mattress showroom and experience first-rate customer service!

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