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Rize Adjustable Bed Series

An adjustable power base bed by Rize is the foundation for personalized comfort and support. Enhance your sleep experience with the simple touch of a button on a Rize adjustable bed. This revolutionary power foundation series features separate divisions for the upper body, torso and legs that allow multiple position adjustments to ease discomfort and promote better sleep. Rize is renowned as one of the industry’s top experts in the field of power foundation technology, and has introduced an ergonomically designed frame far superior to traditional sleep systems.

Versatile, durable and a snap to operate, all Rize adjustable bed bases are backed with a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of sleeping, lounging, watching TV or reading on a fully electric bed that is fine-tuned for your individual preferences. A solid steel frame and patented Gravity Release safety feature give these adjustable bed foundations added lift capacity and strength.

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Discover Rize adjustable beds at Wildcat Mattress

A Rize adjustable bed conforms to your health needs and preferences, helping to eliminate muscle tension, lower back pain and circulation problems while promoting deep, restful sleep. While a traditional foundation only gives you the option of a flat sleeping surface, Rize beds let you elevate and lower your upper and lower body for optimal comfort. Besides their obvious health benefits, adjustable power bases can transform an average memory foam or latex mattress into the height of luxury, with dual zone body massage settings, adjustable lumbar support and one touch auto-flat features.

If you’re interested in exploring the advantages of an adjustable power foundation by Rize, you’ll find all four models competitively priced at Wildcat Mattress, located right outside of Lexington, KY. We’re confident our professional customer service and exceptional selection of quality sleep systems will exceed your expectations.

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