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Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

An orthopedic bed that provides proper lumbar support is crucial for people who tend to sleep on their backs. An estimated 15 percent of Americans are back sleepers, preferring to slumber in savasana pose throughout the night. While sleeping on your back is great for keeping facial wrinkles at bay, it can pose a challenge when shopping for a mattress that offers the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Researchers say that back sleepers are less inclined to suffer from chronic neck and back pain when snoozing on the right sleep surface. But with the myriad options and comfort levels available, how do you choose the best mattress for your particular sleep style?

The only way to discover the right mattress for your needs is by test-driving as many as possible. For one of the largest selections of premium mattresses in Lexington, visit Wildcat Mattress. Our inventory includes top-selling memory foam mattresses, natural latex beds and innerspring models – stop by and find out which one feels right for you!

Best bed for back sleepers

Several sleep studies suggest that mattresses with medium-firm ratings are ideal for back sleepers. Considering that manufacturers have broad latitude in the realm of comfort level categories, it’s advisable to consider any mattress that is rated between firm, cushion firm and medium firm if you sleep on your back. Some of our customers have found that medium firm coil mattresses with a pillow top offer that perfect balance of softness and lumbar support, while others rave about the body-confirming benefits of latex mattresses, which help support the sensitive lumbar region.

While it’s true that some deluxe mattresses command a higher price, remember that you spend a third of your life sleeping — or at least attempting to get a good night’s rest — so purchasing the best mattress you can afford is a wise long-term investment.

What is the best mattress for lower back support?

We cannot stress enough that there is no single best mattress for back sleepers or low back support, and one brand of mattress isn’t necessarily superior to another. However, you may consider these pointers when shopping for your new bed:

  • Avoid beds that are “ultra firm” to the touch, as they will not conform to your body’s natural curves
  • Steer clear of mattresses with too much give, as they rarely provide enough lower lumbar support
  • Look for a bed that allows your body to sink ever so slightly into the surface, without compromising spinal alignment
  • Test drive beds engineered with a special lumbar-support zone, but be mindful that this area doesn’t over-correct the spine
  • In some surveys, memory foam has proven the most effective in keeping the spine in alignment and preventing low back pain.

Back sleepers, especially those who sleep on an old or unsupportive bed, are more prone to having low back pain. According to the American Chiropractic Association, more than 31 million Americans suffer from some degree of lower back pain throughout the day, and up to three-quarters of the population will experience back pain over the course of their lives. There’s no doubt that sleeping on the wrong mattress can exacerbate low back pain, which can lead to a vicious cycle of sleep disturbances, excessive drowsiness and reduced productivity. All the more reason to do your research and get a mattress that suits your sleep position.

Best pillow for back sleepers

We are often asked about the best types of pillows for back sleepers, and our answer is one that is malleable, and keeps your head from lolling from side to side. Back sleepers who slumber without a pillow have the benefit of a neutral cervical spine. Since few people can rest comfortably without a squishy pillow, let alone back sleepers, physical therapists recommend thinner pillows without too much loft. Some of our top picks are thinner memory foam pillows and buckwheat pillows, which are adjustable, and don’t make the head rise out of proper alignment.

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