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Mattress Comfort Levels

Choosing the right mattress for your sleep style is more than a matter of personal preference. It’s actually an investment in your health. The comfort level of your mattress directly influences your quality of sleep, which in turn affects your physical, cognitive, and emotional health. Depending on your preferred sleep position and current health concerns, you may find that changing your current mattress to a firm, plush, pillow top, or Euro top gives you a more restful, restorative sleep.


Don’t let the mattress terms “firm,” “very firm,” or “semi-firm” scare you away. Despite the name, a firm mattress is still quite soft and comfortable. It simply means that these mattresses offer extra body support with a particularly rigid coil system or dense layers of latex and foam.

So who should choose a firm mattress? It really depends on your sleeping style. Orthopedic specialists advise against sleeping on one’s stomach because it isn’t beneficial for the spine. But if you are a stomach sleeper, a firm mattress may be your best choice. Firm mattresses may also be ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their backs. Individuals who are very overweight may also benefit from firm mattresses that distribute body weight evenly.

Firm mattresses are generally not advisable for side sleepers. With less “give,” a firm mattress may inhibit blood circulation around the shoulder and lead to pressure points along the joints.


If the idea of a firm sleep surface appeals to you, but you prefer a little extra cushioning, consider the downy feel of a plush mattress. This comfort level is the perfect marriage of support and comfort. Plush mattresses include extra foam or latex cushioning below the mattress surface and above the support system. Many side sleepers find that a plush mattress is the perfect choice for catching some Zzz’s because it contours well to the body, providing support and cushioning in all the right places. For side sleepers and back sleepers, a plush mattress supports the neutral alignment of the spine, which can reduce the risk of chronic back pain.

However, ultra plush mattresses may not offer stomach sleepers all the support they need, and may also wear more quickly under plus size sleepers.

Pillow Top

If the idea of falling asleep in a cloud appeals to you, then a pillow top mattress might be right for you. Pillow top mattresses have a plush comfort grade and have the added bonus of an extra layer of cushioning on top. These mattresses are ideal for those who desire the utmost in comfort during their slumber.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, then you will love the sensation of sinking into a pillow top, which will conform well to the contours of your body. Pillow top mattresses may not be a good choice for individuals who habitually sleep on their stomachs and those who have trouble with night sweats.

However, they are a perfect choice for side sleepers who need some extra “give” to find that soothing sweet spot. Back sleepers and plus size sleepers will also benefit from pillow top mattresses. The extra cushioning (made of memory foam, latex, cotton, fiberfill or wool) provides great pressure relief and can help alleviate back pain.

Euro Top

Euro top mattresses are among the latest models to hit the marketplace. When comparing Euro top and pillow top models in the mattress showroom, you’re likely to notice that both look thicker than the average firm or plush bed. However, the pillow top mattress has a visible layer of extra cushioning on top. The Euro top also features this extra padded layer, but it is sewn in directly giving the mattress surface a more uniform appearance. In short, the Euro top mattress offers the same type of luxurious comfort as a pillow top, and only differs in construction.

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