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Euro Top Mattress

Bolstered by a plush padded layer sewn into the surface, a Euro top mattress is the stuff of sweet dreams. If you’re looking for an exceptionally soft, body-conforming sleep surface that lasts for years, you may want to skip mattress toppers in lieu of a premium Euro top bed.

Euro top mattresses not only promote deep, rejuvenating sleep, they are the perfect palate for curling up with your favorite TV show, reading, or cuddling with a loved one. Wildcat Mattress is proud to carry an extensive inventory of Euro top mattresses, many of which are compatible with both adjustable power foundations and traditional box frames.

What is a Euro top mattress?

Today’s mattresses are engineered with advanced sleep technology, cutting-edge materials and a variety of comfort ratings. Mattresses are also marketed with various types of “tops,” consisting of cotton batting, foams, latex and quilted fibers. A Euro top mattress is manufactured with an extra layer of comfort padding affixed to the top of the bed. This padding can be made up of cotton fibers, memory foam, polyester foam, or any combination of thereof. From the side, it’s obvious that a Euro top is several inches taller than your average mattress, and because this fluffy comfort layer is sewn on top, you never have to worry about flipping your bed.

Euro top mattress v. pillow top

When you are shopping for a new mattress, the terminology can get downright confusing, and the similarities between a Pillow top and a Euro top are a prime example. Both styles feature additional padding permanently sewn into the top of the mattress.  Both styles serve the same function: to create a softer, more inviting sleep surface. The only real difference between the two is appearance, as the Euro top has no visible seams or gusset like the Pillow top, as the top layer has been sewn so the padding lines up with the mattress edge. Some might argue that the Euro Top’s flush, uniform design gives it a more taught feel compared to a Pillow top mattress, but in reality there is very little difference in “surface push back” between the two. However, a Euro top’s perimeter edges may feel more firm than a Pillow top, due to the affixed construction of the padding layer.

Keep in mind that a Euro top mattress can retain its shape longer than a Pillow top, as its gusseted edges tend to compress down over the years.

Here at Wildcat, we carry both Pillow and Euro top mattresses – both of which deliver excellent orthopedic support, and are great choices for anyone who is looking for that extra layer of softness.

Euro top mattress reviews

Individuals who favor Euro top mattresses say they love the plush, cushioned support that is often described as “sleeping on cloud.” Compared to beds without a padded top layer, Euro tops promise a luxurious softness that can facilitate muscle relaxation and fully-body tension relief. Many customers rave about the sleek upholstered look of a Euro top bed, which doesn’t have the bulky appearance and extra seams of a Pillow top.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional innerspring construction, gel memory foam, hybrid technology, or organic latex, remember that all of these mattress types can feature a Euro top padding layer. In other words, you can still buy a mattress with medium-firm support that is counterbalanced with a plush Euro top comfort layer.

The best advice we can give our customers is to always ask about the construction and materials used in the padding layer of a Euro top mattress. Inferior products may get lumpy or compress over time. As always, we heartily recommend trying before you buy and springing for the best Euro top mattress that falls within your budget.

Before you stop by our Nicholasville showroom to browse our selection, you might want to check out Euro top mattress reviews online, which give candid insights into the pros and cons of various models and manufacturers.

Shop the best Euro top mattresses at Wildcat

According to many of our satisfied customers, Euro top beds fit the bill for side sleepers, arthritis sufferers, and those want the ultimate blend of comfort and support – the best of both worlds!

If you live in the greater Lexington, KY area and are looking for a great deal on a Euro top mattress, we invite you to swing by our modern showroom, where our helpful Sleep Specialists are here to answer questions and help you get a better night’s rest.

We are proud to be a locally-owned and operated mattress store that boasts nothing but 5-star reviews; shop our Lexington Road store and discover the Wildcat difference.