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Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow top mattresses are consistently rated among Consumer Reports’ “Best Buys,” year after year. Wildcat Mattress offers pillow top mattress options by top brands like Restonic, Simmons, and more, should your search for a better night’s rest lead you to a softer style. Should you decide you’d like something a little firmer, we have other types of mattress in stock that may be more suitable to your needs as well.

What is a pillow top mattress?

Like the name suggests, pillow top mattresses are designed as a softer sleeping surface that contours to the body, relieves pressure points, and simulates the feeling of a fluffy pillow. Sleepers often say their pillow top mattress is like “sleeping on a cloud” or “being hugged.” They like to feel as though they sink down into the mattress, rather than lay on top of a hard slab, although pillow tops do come in a range of comfort profiles from ultra-firm to ultra-plush.

By definition, a pillow top mattress contains a soft layer of comfortable padding sewn onto the top of a standard mattress. The “pillow” can be made from memory foam, foam latex, wool, cotton, polypropylene foam, fiberfill or polyurethane foam. The underlying mattress is usually made with encased coils, but can occasionally be made of latex or memory foam. If you’re coming over from an inner spring mattress that lacked a pillow top, you may wonder how you ever settled for such a “springy” mattress and convert to the cushy comfort of a pillow top for life.

Who should buy a pillow top mattress?

Side sleepers generally fare best on a pillow top mattress, which provides greater support for the hips and shoulders. Heavier sleepers may also find pillow tops more comfortable. Back sleepers with general aches and pains in the morning report better satisfaction with pillow top mattresses, although – depending on the type of pillowtop fill – some customers say they “sleep a little hot.” If you are concerned about sleeping hot, let one of the Wildcat mattress experts know and we’ll guide you to mattresses with cooling gel or other innovations designed to combat this known issue.

Pillowtop mattress vs. Euro top

Like the pillow Top, the Euro Top has an added layer of padding stitched on top, which improves comfort and creates a taller profile than a traditional mattress. Compared to a Pillow Top, Euro Top mattresses offer a newer design that features:

  • Smoother tops (as opposed to the quilted, tufted designs)
  • Squarer edges (to enhance the amount of sleep surface and durability).

The difference won’t matter to most consumers, but you may prefer a tauter surface once you try both styles in the store.

Some customers choose to upgrade to a Euro Top version of a mattress because many designs allow the option of changing out the uppermost foam layer to be harder or softer, based on individual preference. As one reviewer explained it, this flexibility offers shoppers “a bit of extra confidence in the purchase.” Furthermore, you can get better longevity out of the mattress by simply changing out the mattress topper as needed, rather than replacing the entire mattress.

Find the best pillow top mattress at Wildcat

Pillow Top mattresses are the ideal surface for snuggling in bed late on a lazy Sunday or unwinding with your favorite movie at the end of a long day. Stop on by Wildcat Mattress to feel the difference of a pillow top mattress for yourself. We find most folks fall in love with a Pillow Top bed within the first few minutes of plopping down onto these luxurious-feeling mattresses for the first time.

Compared to other mattress retailers, our local, family-owned Nicholasville, KY mattress store has the best selection for the lowest prices. We guarantee you’ll leave our store fully educated, with a mattress you feel good about!