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Plush Mattress

Mattresses are often categorized into various comfort levels, ranging from firm to ultra plush. Plush mattresses are within the middle of the comfort spectrum – and are made with more foam cushioning for excellent pressure point relief. If you’re in the process of shopping for a new bed, choosing the right comfort level for your sleep style is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

The best plush mattresses aren’t limited to a single brand or line. Plush beds are manufactured by many leading companies, and feature various materials such as organic Talalay latex, memory foam, or traditional innerspring coils and foam. Choosing the right plush mattress can seem difficult given the wealth of options available, but with the guidance of our friendly Sleep Specialists here at Wildcat Mattress, we can help you find exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

What is a plush mattress?

A plush mattress, just like a pillow top, has great stability and structural firmness. However, plush mattresses feature extensive quilting and padding throughout the bed, which gives it a softer feel compared to a “firm” mattress. Many customers find that plush mattresses are the perfect compromise between a firm and a super plush mattress, thanks to its soft and flexible foam core. The surface ‘give’ and pillow-soft comfort of a plush mattress allows it to conform to your curves easily, which makes it particularly helpful for side sleepers.

Keep in mind that pillow top mattresses have soft padding sewn into the top of bed surface, while a plush mattress has separate comfort layers incorporated under the quilted surface.

Plush mattress topper

Mattress toppers are an easy and affordable way to transform a firm or medium-firm surface into one that is exceptionally soft. Plush mattress toppers are sold in all sizes, from twin to California king, and provide the sumptuous comfort of a lavish hotel bed. The extra cushioning offers amazing pressure relief for the arms, shoulder and hips, while supporting the lower spine. Made with hypo-allergenic foams, latex and quilting, mattress toppers are machine washable and feature reinforced stitching to help keep the pad in place.

Plush mattress reviews

Plush mattresses are made to feel soft, but still have just enough firmness to allow for proper spinal alignment and even weight dispersement. They are a popular choice for both back and side sleepers who need a bit of extra cushioning to prevent sleeping limbs, pressure points along the shoulders, and lower back pain. Plush models made by manufacturers like Simmons, Easy Rest, Aireloom and other top brands consistently get 5-star reviews for overall comfort, pressure point relief and motion isolation. After a rejuvenating night’s rest on a quality plush mattress, you’ll wake up refreshed and raring to go!

Billed as either a super or extra plush mattress, these sleep systems typically have an additional level of gel or quilted padding over the foam or latex layer for maximum comfort. Remember that the terms comfort and “softness” are highly subjective, so the best way to ensure a great fit is to try several different mattresses when you’re in the store. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite pillow to replicate your usual sleeping position!

To recap, here of just a few of the benefits that plush mattresses offer:

  • Extra cushioning means they are more body conforming than firm beds, helping to distribute weight more evenly
  • Recommended for side sleepers who frequently experience sleeping limbs and pressure points
  • Deliver plenty of surface give in order to contour and gently embrace your body’s natural curves

Find the best plush mattress at Wildcat

It comes as no surprise that some of the highest rated mattresses today are categorized as “plush.” When firm is too hard and a pillow top just doesn’t feel right, a plush mattress will likely provide that happy medium. If you’re on the hunt for that perfect sleep set up, stop by Wildcat Mattress and browse our large selection of plush and super plush mattresses by Restonic and Pure Talalay Bliss.

You’ll find competitive price points and unbeatable customer service in our locally-owned store, where we frequently run promotions featuring deep discounts. Ask about our plush mattress sale and save big on your next purchase!