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Mattress Shopping

Wildcat Mattress is Nicholasville, Kentucky’s best source of sleep expertise. Our knowledgeable staff is trained in all that the modern mattress market has to offer, including brands, technology, materials, comfort preference options, and price points. Enjoy the low-key comfort of mattress shopping at a friendly, local, family-owned mattress store, where you can take your time, test-drive the mattresses for yourself, and get the information you need to make an informed decision.

How to buy a mattress

Shopping for a mattress is an important investment to your overall health and happiness, so it makes sense to conduct a little research before heading out to the store – which is likely where you’re at right now if you’re reading this. Words on the page will give you a general idea of what to expect, but you’ll find many manufacturers make similar claims and promise their own variation of the same “sleep technology.” The best way to cut through the hyperbole is to simply try the product for yourself.

When mattress shopping, TIME Magazine’s Chrissa Hardy recommends:

  • Standing at the mattress foot and flopping down on your back as a one-minute comfort test (if you like em soft!)
  • Spending a couple minutes on each type of mattress, from innerspring to foam latex
  • Skipping the cheapest mattress that seems “too good to be true”
  • Asking about comfort guarantee shipping and restocking fees
  • Haggling for five minutes or inquiring about current offers to get the best deal

Ultimately, Hardy recommends going with your gut instinct. “It’s kind of like trying on wedding dresses, in that you’ll know instantly once you’ve found ‘the one’,” she says.

When to buy a mattress

The decision of when to get a new mattress is usually evident by symptoms like:

  • Back pain
  • Stiff neck
  • Morning headaches
  • Hip or shoulder aches
  • Allergy symptoms (sore throat, morning congestion, sneezing)

Typical manufacturer warranties can also give you an indication of when to buy a new mattress. Most mattress makers guarantee their products for about 10 years, so if it’s been longer than that since your last mattress purchase, then you’re due!

Now if you’re interested in buying a new mattress during the biggest discount holidays, then you’ll want to shop:

  • Memorial Day weekend
  • Labor Day weekend
  • Presidents’ Day
  • July 4th
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

At Wildcat Mattress, you don’t have to wait until these holiday sales to find a great deal on a new mattress. Check our COUPONS section for promotional offers valid right now, so you can get that comfortable night’s sleep sooner rather than later!

Where to buy a mattress

Once you’ve decided it’s time to invest, your first order of business will be to decide where to buy a new mattress. Your options include:

  • Online Stores – The benefit of online shopping is that you never have to leave your house – which could be a benefit if you have many children and no babysitter or if your medical status makes it difficult to get around. You can sometimes find a great deal on a site like Overstock.com or 1800Mattress.com, or on a direct-to-consumer site like Tuft and Needle or Leesa. However, it’s a huge risk to buy a mattress you’ve never felt in person, testing for support and comfort relative to your personal preference.
  • Big Box Retailers – Stores like Sam’s Club and Costco offer the convenience of being able to buy a bed at the same place you buy your groceries or household staples – usually at a discount price. However, you won’t find a large selection or mattress expert on staff to help you choose which mattress to buy.
  • Department Stores – Department stores like Sears, Macy’s or JC Penney have mattress sections with sales staff and a decent selection, although you can expect to pay more than you would online or at the big box retailers and you may find the “discount” pricing structure confusing. Often the “60% off” price is the same as the suggested retail price. You’ll also be subject to more foot traffic as you test out the mattresses, which might make you feel less comfortable.
  • Furniture Stores – Furniture stores like Ashley or Raymour and Flanigan have their own mattress sections and can be convenient if you’re shopping for a whole new bedroom set, including headboards, dressers, wardrobes and more. You may get a discount on a full set of furniture, but you’ll likely pay more for just a mattress and you’ll have a limited selection. Sales commissions can lead you to have a more high-pressure sales experience in these venues, too.
  • Mattress Stores – Wildcat is a locally owned and operated mattress specialty store. You will find some dedicated mattress stores like Mattress Firm or Sleepy’s that are large chains. At either type of mattress store, you’ll have access to the most highly trained, knowledgeable experts, as well as the best selection. Overall, you get the most personal, relaxed shopping experience at a specialty store.

How much does a mattress cost

According to Sleep Like The Dead, the average cost of a mattress depends on the type you’re buying with general pricing (as of 2016) as follows:

  • Futon: $158 ($90-$500 range)
  • Water: $208 ($50-$1,800 range)
  • Innerspring: $1,520 ($100-$4,000+ range)
  • Foam: $1,620 ($100-$8600 range)
  • Latex: $1,625 ($300-$5,000+ range)
  • Air: $2,105 ($450-$5,000+ range)

The website adds that it’s important to keep in mind that many of the low-end mattresses reviewed on their site were purchased for limited use – such as camping trips, for kids and college students who will outgrow these beds, or in guest bedrooms. Unless you’re shopping for these applications, you can expect to pay more toward the middle of these ranges.

The easy answer for “how much should a mattress cost”, is “most likely, you won’t find good materials that can withstand daily uses for under $1,000,” Michael Magnuson, CEO of independent review site GoodBed.com, explained to Good Housekeeping a couple years ago. You want to look for durable and high quality materials to ensure your mattress will last without dipping or matting. Most experts concede the sweet spot is closer to $1,500 for a decent product.

Bed shopping tips from the experts

For more bed shopping tips from the experts, visit Wildcat Mattress in Nicholasville, KY – just outside of Lexington. You can expect to find A+ customer service, in addition to the best value for your money. Compared to the bigger chains, we offer lower pricing because we rely on word-of-mouth referrals rather than wildly expensive advertisements, we enjoy a lower rent being just outside Lexington, and our attached warehouse helps us keep overhead costs low – all savings that we pass onto you, the consumer! Come shop with us and find the comfort you deserve.

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