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Mattress Types

Wildcat Mattress offers a huge range of modern sleep systems, including those made with memory foam, latex, innerspring coils and hybrid technology. Read up on the different types of mattresses available to make a more informed decision for your next big purchase.

Latex or memory foam? Innerspring or hybrid? When buying a new mattress, today’s buyers are privy to a wide selection of inviting options – each promising state-of-the-art materials and the latest innovations in sleep technology.

Traditional innerspring mattresses were the gold standard for decades, but even these basic models have been improved upon with individually wrapped pocket coils designed to stop motion transfer. Mattresses are now crafted with a variety of groundbreaking materials and different support systems that cater to just about every type of preference and budget.

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses have been in production for decades and are often favored as a cost-effective and durable option. This type of mattress features a steel coil support system, which is topped with padding layers made of fibers (cotton, polyester or wool) and foam. Innerspring construction differs greatly among manufacturers. Some beds have individually wrapped pocketed coils, while others feature a continuous open coil spring unit. Coil gauge, design and count also vary between brands and collections, but the general belief is that a higher coil count offers better weight distribution and support. The overall comfort and plushness of an innerspring bed will also depend on the quantity and type of comfort layers.

Advantage: Innerspring beds offer great value for the money and are available in a range of comfort grades, from super firm to ultra plush.

Memory foam mattress

Visco elastic memory foam was originally developed by NASA and is praised for its ability to mold to any shape. This high density polyurethane foam has amazing pressure relieving properties and is available in different thickness levels for deeper support. Because memory foam responds to body temperature, the material softens and molds easily – making this an ideal choice for people with achy joints, circulation problems and back pain. Many manufacturers now offer memory foam with open cell and cooling gel technology that helps promote air circulation and keep your body at an even sleeping temperature throughout the night.

Advantage: Memory foam takes pressure off your joints and disperses weight more evenly. These mattresses have the added advantage of not needing to be flipped.

Latex mattress

There are two kinds of latex mattresses – those made with petroleum-based materials and those crafted with pure, natural latex from the sap of the rubber tree. Similar to memory foam, latex is naturally elastic and recovers its shape instantly once pressure is removed. Latex mattresses, unlike their memory foam counterparts, give the sensation of buoyant support, rather than “sinking” into your bed. Organic Talalay latex is often used in premier lines of luxury mattresses, marketed to those who love a pillowy-soft surface feel. Latex reduces pressure points effectively and is great for motion isolation. Latex is also naturally breathable with an open cell structure and never sleeps hot. 

Advantage: Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. The material is anti-fungal and antimicrobial, making it an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid beds are one of the hottest trends in the mattress industry. Just as their name implies, hybrid mattresses combine two types of support systems – offering the body-conforming benefits of latex or memory foam with the support of advanced innerspring coils. By blending several sleep technologies in one mattress, sleepers enjoy the best of both worlds. This ingenious design takes a layer cake approach to achieving a better night’s sleep. These mattresses typically feature 2 or 3 inches of memory foam, gel foam, or latex for the top comfort layer, which rests upon padding layers of high density foams. The quality of these materials varies tremendously between brands, so it pays to ask questions about mattress construction before making a purchase. Hybrid mattresses have the same coil support system of a traditional innerspring bed and are lighter than pure latex or memory foam beds.

Advantage: Hybrid mattresses offer exceptional comfort at a reasonable price point, and combine multiple materials and technologies for fully supported sleep.

Find the right bed at Wildcat Mattress

Price point, comfort and support are all important considerations when looking for a new mattress. Wildcat Mattress understands the personal nature of buying a sleep set up, which is why we offer dozens of models and mattress types to choose from. Stop by our Kentucky outlet soon, where you’ll find the best innerspring, memory foam, hybrid and latex mattresses by Simmons, Aireloom, LatexBliss, Restonic, Easy Rest and more.