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Innerspring Mattress

Made with a coil support system of springs and wrapped in cotton batting or fiberfill for comfort, traditional innerspring mattresses continue to be top sellers because they offers excellent support and a wide selection of options -- from materials, to firmness levels, to price ranges.

Here at Wildcat Mattress, we don’t believe there is such a thing as a “perfect mattress.” There are just different comfort profiles for different individuals. Our goal is to find you that perfect combination of materials, support, softness, and special features at a comfortable price point. Stop by our Nicholasville, KY mattress store to see what we have in stock and feel the difference between innerspring mattress brands and perhaps even test out a foam mattress or two for the ultimate comfort comparison.

What is the best innerspring mattress?

Generally speaking, innerspring mattresses have:

  • Individually wrapped pocketed coils to reduce noise and motion transfer
  • A high coil count (725+) for greater weight distribution, contour and support
  • Thick coil gauge (up to 15) for optimal durability and longevity
  • Include memory foam or gel memory foam as additional comfort layers

Innerspring mattress vs. memory foam

If you’re used to innerspring mattresses but are debating memory foam, here are a few general points to consider:

  • Foam offers less motion transfer (for those of you with partners who toss and turn or get up all night long).
  • Foam delivers better contouring if you have always wanted a “softer” night’s sleep or a “hugging” sensation.
  • Foam may be more comfortable for side and stomach sleepers who need a little more “give” to the mattress.

It all boils down to this: either you like the feel of foam or you don’t. Some consumers complain that they dislike the “quicksand” feeling of foam and find it easier to move around on innerspring. “I like to feel like I’m laying ON TOP of my bed, not IN it,” is a common sentiment we hear from people who ultimately end up buying innerspring. Also, some people say that memory foam “sleeps too hot” (although many models have air circulation features to make the difference negligible.)

Innerspring mattress reviews

Customers love innerspring mattresses for their:

  • Small person friendliness – It can be difficult to find a comfy mattress if you’re shorter or under 120 pounds.
  • Firmness levels – Well-known brands carry firmness levels ranging from ultra-firm to ultra-plush.
  • General support – You’ll feel like you’re sleeping ON a mattress, rather than IN it – which some people prefer.
  • Edge support – It’s easier to sit or sleep up to the edge of an innerspring mattress compared to most foam.
  • Ease of movement – Older people who have trouble getting in and out of bed often prefer innerspring.
  • Ease of intimacy – Many couples like the “bounce” and response of a coil mattress that foam varieties lack.
  • Coolness – Less than 5% of non-foam mattress owners report feeling “too hot” in bed.

Best innerspring mattress brands

There is no one best rated innerspring mattress, but at Wildcat Mattress we carry popular innerspring mattresses by Aireloom, Simmons, Restonic and more.

Many people like innerspring mattresses for initial back pain relief. Sagging will inevitably occur over the course of 10 years, which is why innerspring mattresses are not as widely recommended for back pain sufferers as they once were. Even so, if you’re looking for the best innerspring mattress for back pain, you may try:

  • Sealy Posturpedic
  • Simmons Beautyrest
  • Serta iSeries

These general recommendations are based on Consumer Search analysis of professional tests conducted at ConsumerReports.com and consumer satisfaction feedback from SleepLikeTheDead.com. Ultimately, our knowledgeable professionals can steer you toward what will be most comfortable for YOU, based on how you sleep, what type of pain you’re in, and how much you plan to spend. Nothing beats testing the beds out in store! We can’t tell you how many customers came in, thinking they knew exactly what brand and model of mattress they wanted, but ended up completely impressed by another mattress we had in stock.

Shop top rated innerspring mattresses at Wildcat

Wildcat Mattress has one of the widest selections if you’re looking for the best innerspring mattresses near Lexington, KY. We offer a wide variety of top reviewed brands, with sizes and models for every budget. We find that there is an inner spring mattress for almost every buyer, regardless of comfort preference.

Ultimately, your decision to go with innerspring or switch to some type of foam or a foam hybrid mattress will be based on personal preference as you give each mattress style a try. Our mattress experts are happy to discuss points of differentiation, mattress materials and the latest technology to help you make the most informed decision so you can fall asleep faster on a bed that will last.

For five-star customer service, call 859-887-2552 or stop by our store at 2040 Lexington Rd, Nicholasville, KY 40356.