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Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam was developed by NASA for use in airplane seats in the 1960s. Now it is one of the top-selling mattress materials here at our Nicholasville, KY mattress store. Memory foam is made out of polyurethane mixed with additional chemicals to increase thickness and density.

What is a memory foam mattress?

A comfortable mattress is the first step to creating an optimal environment for sleep. Perhaps you’re used to sleeping on a traditional inner spring mattress and have an old one where it feels like the coils are trying to burrow through your body. Memory foam mattresses are a huge step up if you don’t want any “worn” spots over time and you’d rather have that feeling of being hugged by a cloud as you slumber.

One of the early criticisms of the memory foam mattress was that it “slept hot”, but technology has come a long way over the last decade and the foam mattresses available at Wildcat Mattress — just outside Lexington, KY – are surprisingly cool! You can also find memory foam mattresses in varying firmness levels to match your preference.

Benefits of memory foam

A typical mattress contains anywhere from 1 to 7 inches of memory foam, yielding such benefits as:

  • Comfort: Responds to body heat to conform to your shape to reduce pressure points and relieve back pain.
  • Reliability: Maintains a more consistent firmness over time, without the need to flip or rotate the mattress.
  • Quiet: Absorbs movement for a noiseless night, preventing motion transfer disturbances from tossing & turning.
  • Hypoallergenic: Prevents infestation by dust mites who cannot burrow into a solid block of foam.

Memory foam is a good choice if you’re looking to get a good 10 years out of your mattress purchase. Only 11 percent of memory foam buyers report “premature softening” over the lifespan of the mattress, compared to 22 percent of inner spring mattress owners. One step up from memory foam in terms of durability would be a foam latex mattress, which can last an additional five years.

Memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam mattress toppers are easy additions to any bed you want to transform into a softer sleeping surface. By far, it’s the most popular type, available in different varieties to suit your personal preference.

Popular brand names include:

  • Malouf Isolus
  • Red Nomad Home
  • Serta
  • Sleep Joy / Dream Form
  • Slumber Solutions
  • Comfort Dreams
  • Sleep Master Gel

Most toppers are warrantied for two years, but will last 3-4 years. The best memory foam mattress topper can be purchased for less than $200, making it an economical choice for consumers as well.

Memory foam mattress reviews

Wildcat Mattress customers have been very pleased with their mattress purchases and aren’t afraid to say so! We have over 60 five-star reviews on Google+ alone. Our sleep experts are renowned for their attentiveness and knowledgeability. You won’t find any high pressure sales tactics or pricing gimmicks at our small, local, family-owned mattress shop. We are dedicated to helping consumers find the right sleep surface for their unique preferences and their budgets. If you’re looking for the best rated memory foam mattress, you may want to begin your search with popular brands like Simmons or Restonic, which we have in stock always.

Memory foam mattress sale

You can often find a top rated memory foam mattress at a discount price at a specialty retailer like Wildcat Mattress. We have lower overhead than some of the big box stores and rely more on word-of-mouth referrals than expensive advertising. The money we save by operating lean is passed onto you, the consumer, in the form of memory foam mattress deals. Timing your purchase is another way to save even more.

The biggest mattress shopping holidays of the year include:

  • Thanksgiving / Black Friday
  • Christmas / Boxing Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

Yet, at Wildcat Mattress, you don’t necessarily have to wait to find a good night’s sleep at a bargain rate. Check our deals section for ongoing promotions that may be just what you’re looking for!

Find the best memory foam mattress at Wildcat

Wildcat Mattress has an excellent selection of the best memory foam mattresses. The best way to know if memory foam is for you is to come into our store, stand at the foot of the bed, and fall backward. You’ll know immediately if the bed conforms to your notion of comfort. From there, we can discuss mattress materials, technology, durability, and points of differentiation to help guide your decision making process. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find a more restful, restorative night’s sleep, whether you choose to go with memory foam or not.