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Malouf Z® Gelled Microfiber® Pillow

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Placing your head on the Gelled Microfiber® pillow is like entering your own personal realm of comfort. The gel-coated microfibers of the pillow let you mold it to suit your shape and preference. And you can relax without having to fluff or pound the pillow during the night. Since the pillow’s filling won’t shift or clump, you can wake in the same comfort zone in which you fell asleep.

The Gelled Microfiber® is filled with silicon coated strands that mimic the traditional feel of down — but without the odor, allergens and sharp quills of a down pillow. The hypoallergenic, siliconized fibers slip past each other to create a consistent, moldable fill. A luxurious 250 TC pure cotton percale cover completes the cozy package.

Universal to all sleep positions, the Gelled Microfiber pillow by Malouf boasts a soft feel with quick loft recovery that will keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come.

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250 Thread Count Per Cotton Percale

Added Comfort

Gelled Microfiber® for Cool, Consistent, And Adustable Sleep

Additional Benefits

Non-Clumping Filling, Luxurious Down Filling Without Odors Or Sharp Quills, Cool Sleep Surface, Hypoallergenic removable cover




Standard – Queen – King – Body Size


3 Years

No Variations