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Mantua Rize Adjustable Bed Series Elevation



The adjustable and fully electric Mantua Line Rize Elevation bed offers one of the largest ranges of elevation in the industry. Two powerful yet quiet motors allow the upper and lower sections to move independently or in sync, all with the touch of a button.

With the Rize Elevation adjustable bed, finding that perfect comfort zone is always within arm’s reach. Customization and personalization are conveniently at your fingertips. A wired soft-touch remote control features buttons for lowering and elevating the head and feet sections. For variations, the remote includes a button to sync the head and feet sections and a button to return the base unit to the flat position.

The Elevation from the Mantua Line Rize Adjustable Bed Series is durable and certified safe. Locking rolling casters and a “gravity-release” safety feature give the bed strength and support. Boasting steel leg balanced stability technology, the standard frame and traditional foundation design make the Rize Elevation adjustable bed base compatible with most mattresses.

Additional information

Remote Type

Wired Remote

Essential Functions

Improves Mattress Performance, Wall Glide Design, Head and Foot Motion Control, Steel Leg Stability Support


20 Years

Built in USA



Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Cal-King, Split Queen, Twin, Twin XL