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Sleeping Cool During the Hot Summer Months

Published: July 9, 2020

Are you frustrated with waking up soaked in sweat? Do you toss and turn all night, flinging blankets off yourself? The problem might not be the temperature of your room. Instead, consider whether your old mattress and linens could be the culprit for your poor sleep. Many people “sleep hotter” than others do and can benefit from specially designed mattresses and linens that can keep you cool throughout the night and allow you to wake refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Selecting the right mattress for summer sleep

Everyone has different mattress needs. The best way to find out what’s right for you is to visit a showroom, take a sleep analysis, and do a test drive of a few mattress models. In general; however, people who tend to sleep hot should take a close look at the materials the mattress is made of and its firmness level. The firmness level is important because the softer the mattress is, the further in you will sink. This reduces air flow around your body and can instead trap in heat. A firmer mattress allows better heat transfer away from your body.

Similarly, materials that are designed to mold to the body can also trap heat there. You might think this means you should purchase an innerspring, but keep in mind that many innerspring models are topped with memory foam or other comfort layers that can trap heat. Your best choice might be a regular innerspring mattress.

If you do prefer the comfort of memory foam, choose plant-based memory foam. Plant-based mattresses in general have a low rate of heat complaints (2 to 6 percent) and plant-based memory foam in particular lets people sleep up to 25 percent cooler.

Some good mattress selections include the Pure Talalay Bliss Active Collection, which features ActiveFUSION Climate Control Phase Change Technology and the Easy Rest Gel Max model, which features memory foam infused with cooling gel to stabilize your body temperature.

Pairing your new mattress with cool linen options

After you’ve selected the right mattress for you, it’s time to select some linens to help you keep cool. Generally, natural fibers are preferred for those who sleep hot because they are breathable and allow for moisture to be wicked away from the body. Cotton, linen, and silk are all good choices. For an exceptionally luxurious sleeping experience, consider Malouf Fine Linen sheets, which are a good choice for all seasons.

Let the folks at Wildcat Mattress help

Here at Wildcat Mattress, we still believe in the old-fashioned values of providing exceptional service to each customer. Because we shun gimmicky marketing tactics, we can keep our prices lower than our competitors. Don’t believe us? Check out our dozens of five-star Google reviews; in fact, we’ve never received less than a five star review from a customer. So stop by today and let our trusted team find the right mattress and linen options to let you sleep cool this summer. Stop by our showroom just outside of Lexington, KY or give us a call at 888.492.4787 to ask about our current special offers.


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